Q: What can I do on PerpsAI today?

A: Glad you’ve asked! We already have plenty of features to help you track your own perp trades, connect and verifiably (no larping allowed here!) share your results to twitter (currently X, but it's a lame name), and spy on the biggest on-chain brains to find their secret sauce for having that 88% winrate.

Q: What are some of the next features that I can play with soon?

A: We are making PerpsAI the coingecko/debank but for perps! Soon the times where you have to ask on 10 different group chats for where you can gamble your favorite shitcoin with leverage will be long gone, and you will be able to track each coin within our dashboards!

We want to make PerpsAI the single best place for all on-chain perp traders to visit for their analytics.

Q: Why a leaderboard? Are we in an arcade?

A: Exactly! We like to think about perps trading as just another game, a digital decentralized casino, just that currently the experience is lacking all the basic game elements, such as tracking your score and placing you on a leaderboard, so we are providing just that! As we keep adding more analytics features, we want to simultaneously go towards social and gamification directions as well.

In the future, you can expect to find on PerpsAI weekly trading competitions, leagues, achievements, titles, NFT badges for rare feats, all within our social ecosystem where you can hang out with fellow traders on group chats and spaces and discuss your trading plans. We are aggregating all the best features of twitter, telegram, discord, friend tech, and making it all custom-tailored for best social trading experience.

Eventually we aim to become the pokerstars of on-chain casinos, you will be able to play, learn, and win prizes, all within a single hub!

Q: Wat mean AI in PerpsAI?

A: As one of our upcoming features, we are designing smart AI assistants that will learn based on your winning and losing trades and provide suggestions to move the entry lower or decrease your leverage for a higher chance to win! We know, we know, we all like the thrill of high leverage, but do you want to have fun or do you also want to make money? You can do both, on PerpsAI!

Additionally, we will have various advanced trade-replay features to help you analyze the mistakes of your past trades or detect anomalies that you missed while trading live!

Q: How do I join the PerpsAI party?

A: Dive into our Discord pool! Let's make waves together! And if you have any ideas for a new metric or some other cool feature, please drop us a line in the feedback channel!

Q: Will there be a Perps.AI token?

A: We are cooking! Stay up to date with our communication channels to be the first to know once it’s public!

Q: How do you fill your treasure chest?

A: We’re like that indie band that hasn’t sold out. This project is a labor of love, funded from our accumulated past trading proceeds. Gud product, gud token, no VCs dumpooors involved. Literally no downside.